Darrrrrrr mateys!  Looks like me pirrrrrate ship has been wrrrrrecked on thee barrrrage, and now we need help steerrrring it back out to sea!  Even Davie Jones can’t help us with this one…but YOU can!  Hop on boarrrrd and explorrrrrre this beautiful, wretched ship!

Once aboard, ye can run about along the 27 foot long and 13 foot wide platforrrrrrm!  Me matey, Ol’ Lapjack Beard, installed a basketball hoop on boarrrrd for us to play when we have smooth sailing and all thee time in the world!  All ye mateys that are 12 yearrrrrsss or younger will have a fantastic time on the deck of this ship!

$225 as a dry slide and $250 as a wet slide.


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