Amusement Rides

Amusement Rides are perfect for any event where you are looking for that wow factor.

Thrilling Carnival rides are some of the most exciting and fun items you can add to your event.

We have both mechanical and self propelled amusement rides.

The Orbitron or human spinning sphere is a self propelled ride that mimics the feeling of weightlessness. This ride is usable by children and adults 42 inches and above.

The Whizzer is a self propelled spinning ride for children and adults over 42 inches. Pump the handle to increase your spin speed!

Rent the Pirate’s Revenge Ride and be lifted into the air with the continuous swing.

The Ballistic will swing you and your friends around in a circle at incredible speeds.

The 60 ft super slide is always a hit at every event. kids of all ages will Love sliding down this slide with or with out an adult on the potato sack.

The Boomerang spins and swings simultaneously. It consists of open seating suspended from a giant pendulum.

Amusement rides are for kids and adults over 42 inches. Are you looking for something not shown? Give us a call and one of our party coordinators will find it for you.

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