Inflatable Football Game $275 ($25 off with any inflatable)

The quarterback blitz game is a good game to pair with our skee-ball, basketball, soccer and baseball games or with our three way play and wide world of sports.

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Inflatable Football Game $275 ($25 off with any inflatable)

The Football Game is great for both children and adults. The Quarterback blitz game is the perfect size for children to enjoy although it is also fun for adults to play. The game features two different goal sections for multiple player fun. In order to play the player should be able to toss the football approximately 11 feet. There are two goals for each player featuring an easy and expert level.

Where can I use the quarterback blitz?

The quarterback blitz football game is great for:

  • Schools
  • Festivals
  • Birthday parties
  • Community festivals

The size makes it ideal for community pool parties where space is a factor.  The game can also be used as part of a carnival midway set up or inside of a hotel room.

Entertain your guests with a game from Merry Minstrel in Orlando, Florida.  This game is great to pair with our basketball game, skee-ball game, soccer game and baseball game.


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