The Fish Bowl Game is a great game for all ages. The game consists of a group of fish bowls placed on a table and ping pong balls. Players toss the ping pong balls and try to score a point by landing in a fish bowl. Some of the bowls have flowers to help cushion the bounce however this is still a challenging game.

This game is easily played by small children with adult supervision because of it being more of a luck game than a skill game. Kids do enjoy the challenge of landing a ball in the small glass bowls. Fish are NOT required for a good time!

The game is appropriate for all ages.

The best use of this game is at a carnival or community festival. It is a table top game. We  have available both carnival booths, tables and Red and white striped vinyl table cloths available  for all of our games. Rent this game with  any of our other carnival games to create a midway of games for your next carnival.


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