Dunk Tank

Rent our brand new dunk tank for your next special event. The portable tank is great for people who need to get the game into a back yard, pool deck, or gate. Because of the size, we can manipulate this tank into smaller places.  The design of the portable tank is fail proof. No more problems with the ball not triggering the target. The smallest hit will cause the target to release the seat. The seat also has a safety latch to prevent you from being dunked until you are ready. The soft tank and mat underneath allow you to fall into the water safely.

The colorful backdrop will attract even the smallest player to use the dunk tank. This is a great money maker for any festival. Dunk your teacher, principle, youth Pastor, administrator or boss.

Dunk tanks are great for

School carnivals

Church events

Community events

Administration Week

Boss’s Day

Company Picnics





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