Is Crazy Hair Safe?

For the safety of children we do not use any products with aerosol and we only use child safe face and body paint, non metallic glitters and aloe gel.  Crazy hair is a great addition to any festival, birthday party, pool party or community event. Kids love to have crazy hair!

Crazy Hair


Crazy Hair

Crazy Hair is a really fun option for girls and boys. Our stylist will come out in a uniform and create  fun hair styles at indoor or outdoor parties. For girls we have fun neon colored hair braids and  neon pony tail  holders with fun braids. We also have different colored paints suitable for the hair as well as glitter gel . For boys we have hair gel and different colored hair paints  We and can make fun spiked hair. We do include glitter gems for the foreheads as well.

Crazy hair is fun for both Boys and girls.  All children are welcome to choose any accessories, glitter and colors they like. We do also offer hair braiding. If we are putting hair up we will be cleaning combs between each child. Crazy hair will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes per child depending on the accessories chosen.



Crazy Hair



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