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basketball carnival game

Basketball Game


12′ by 9′ by 8′

Product Description

Basketball Game

Price: $175 delivery included

The size of the full court press mini basketball game is perfect for basketball players of all ages. The Full Court Press mini  will  entertain young children as well as adults. The unique size makes the full court press a great choice for a carnival game midway or for use on a pool deck. This is the perfect piece for a community party, festival or birthday party. Renting a basketball game will provide hours of entertainment.

Two players shoot baskets attempting to reach the highest score. Mini basketballs are included.



Community Events

Birthday Parties

Pool Parties

Food Truck Nights

The Full Court Press mini features two basketball goals. Players need to be able to throw the ball approximately 10 feet in distance  and 7 feet in height to play this game. Two players race the clock to score the most goals in the designated amount of time. Players can also just throw baskets for fun.


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