This whimsical Candy Bounce House Combo combines the memories of everyone’s favorite childhood game, with the excitement and healthy practices of a bounce house and slide!  We deliver to you and set up in the safest spot.  We will dismantle and pick up this product as well.  All you do is enjoy!


Candy Bounce House Combo comes equipped with a bounce house, an inflatable wall to scale, and a giant slide to gush down into the pit!  Pretend you’re the characters of the kid’s classic Candyland game with this whimsical and enjoyable bounce house and slide combo!  Will you be able to make it all the way to Candy Mountain?  Are you looking for an item for your Christmas party?  This can double as a Gingerbread House inflatable!  The possibilities are endless and so is the fun!  Once you enter the house, you can spend hours just jumping around and doing all the things that kids do in a bounce house.  When you are ready, try and traverse the tall inflatable wall on the inside, which will bring you to the top of the Candy Mountain!  From there, you will slide down, through the donut, and into the pit at the bottom!  This party rental will bring back memories of childhood for all adults, and create new and wonderful memories for kids!  We know you will enjoy this Candy Bounce House Combo no matter what your age!

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