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The two lane Big Kahuna is a huge slide for adults and kids. The slide is over 17 ft tall and 37 feet long. It has two wide lanes with a hump in the middle for extra fun. The landing areas fill with water to stop your slide. The stairs are situated in the center for stability. The two lane Big Kahuna is sure to please on a wet day and is perfect for birthday parties, festivals or community events.


Double Big Kahuna

Price: $375

The Double Big Kahuna is a giant water slide which is appropriate for adults and kids.  Sliding down this huge slide you  will fly over the hump and land in a small pool of water. This is the perfect slide for all ages because it is easy to climb up. Adults and children can ride on this gigantic slide.

We clean our slides after every rental so rest assured your kids will stay healthy when you rent from Merry Minstrel. More importantly this slide is made by a reputable manufacturer with a reputation as an innovator in safety.

The Double slide is perfect for:

Birthday Parties




This slide requires two 20 amp outlets on dedicated circuits and requires two blowers.

The size of this slide is 19 ft tall 37 feet long and 15 feet wide


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