Power Jumps

4 Station Bungee Bouncer
Kids and adults can jump up over 20 feet in the air while safely attached to bungee cords on the Quad Power Jumper. This bungee trampoline rental has elastics that are specially designed for an enjoyable and safe experience. You will be able to perform gravity defying maneuvers, like flips and somersaults! This trampoline rental will make you the talk of the town.
You will need a required space of 40 feet in diameter and 30 feet height clearance to set this up. This is attached to a trailer so we’ll need vehicle access.  If you do not have power we do have generators available for this ride.  This Quad Power Jumper bungee trampoline rental has a weight limit of 36 to 200 lbs for the jumper. This is a hot item so don’t delay and reserve yours today.

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