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Cow milking game

Cow Milking Game

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Product Description

Cow Milking Game

Price $125

The Cow Milking Game is a great game and learning tool. Kids will experience the feeling of milking a real cow in a safe learning environment. Pails have a mark on the inside so you can see if you have what it takes to milk the cow before time is up.

Place the cow game in a carnival booth or stand alone. It is a showpiece on its own for a fall festival or western themed event. The friendly cow will grab the attention of children under the age of ten. It is a great photo op to take a picture of your child milking the cow from their stool.

This is a perfect game for a fall festival, school carnival, western themed event, Church carnival or community festival. Milk the cow goes great with lasso the longhorn, scarecrow stuff, milk bottle knock down or the milk can toss. The large cow cut out is the perfect decoration for your western themed party

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