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Carnival Booths


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Do you want to rent carnival booths and games for your next event? Contact us today and we will put a great package together for you!

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Product Description

Carnival Booths

Price: $150

Rent carnival booths for your special event!  These steel framed booths are very sturdy and feature vinyl red and white striped backs, sides and roofs. Because these are a booth and NOT a tent, you will  have a strong backdrop for your carnival games. The vinyl is shiny, new and beautiful! Renting a booth is the best way to enjoy carnival games. The game pieces such as balls, bean bags and darts stay  contained in one area. They are easy to manage and large enough for 2 people to stand in. Keep control of your games and prizes in our beautiful booths.

When you rent one of our large booths you also receive a free game and table with matching table cover. What a fantastic deal!

Is inclement weather a concern? These booths are sturdy and strong. They will not blow away like a tent. The sides and backs are securely attached and will not blow in the wind like a tent. Keep your patrons safe and have a successful carnival with one of our rentals today!

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